4 Bullet Thursday

Four Bullet Thursday is my weekly post with the 4 most interesting things I'm thinking about, using, or have done in the past wee.

This is a ripoff (err...heavily inspired by) Tim Ferriss' Five Bullet Friday. I chose to do 4 Bullets on Thursday instead because I like setting the bar just a little bit lower.

In each week's post, you can expect some combination of:

  • Posts, tweets, videos, or podcasts that I found interesting in the past week
  • Quotes and facts that I just couldn't help but think about during the week
  • Hacks that have helped me improve my personal productivity, communications, balance, or parenting
  • Products (usually physical, but also software) I've come across that are especially good or useful
  • Recipes that I have found to be delicious
  • Insights or things I'm thinking about (these are usually precursors to longer posts

Just to be clear: As with all of my posts, 4 Bullet Thursday is really a way for me to reflect and digest my own life masquerading as content for others. Nonetheless, I hope you find it interesting and useful!

All of my 4 Bullet Thursday posts are here: